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Those We Leave Behind by I Am Ghost

Last Updated 2/1/2009 11:08:21 PM

By: Brian Campbell

I Am Ghost - Those We Leave BehindThose We Leave Behind

I Am Ghost


The problem with I Am Ghost has been, and more than likely always will be, that there isn’t any progression in their music. Well, their music has a progressive element to it; there just isn’t much progression to the overall sound. Their second studio album, Those We Leave Behind, sounds almost exactly like their debut, Lovers Requiem.

Besides changes made to the band’s lineup (new drummer and guitarist), and the apparently letting go of violinist Kerith Telestai, there isn’t much change here. While being somewhat heavier, both in guitars and vocals, Those We Leave Behind sounds like a recycled record of older material. Swirling guitars, two-part harmonies and expansive hooks are the basics behind Those We Leave Behind, and it isn’t anything new or out of the ordinary for this band.

Steve Juliano’s storytelling songwriting style makes the record worth a listen, most notably on the tracks "Saddest Story Never Told" and "Smile of a Jesus Freak." Even though Telestai is no longer with the band to provide that trademark IAG male/female vocal aesthetic, Juliano can carry a damn good hook on his own. One could make the argument that "Smile of a Jesus Freak" is written about the departing Telestai, who once cried for 30 minutes after Juliano used the word "fuck" on stage.

They might be one of the few remaining screamo bands who’ve yet to change their sound or move onto greener pastures. It’s both commendable and stupid in some aspects.

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