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Sera Cahoone Returns to Deer Creek Canyon

Last Updated 11/1/2012 10:36:11 AM

By: Carla Black

Sera Cahoone has come a long way – from her Colorado upbringing to her adopted home of Seattle – from learning drums at age 12 to releasing her third solo album.
Deer Creek Canyon is her latest and most critically-acclaimed release to date. It was recorded at Bear Creek Studio, the same spot where Brandi Carlile and the Lumineers also chose for their most recent works. This album, Cahoone says, is all about home.
We asked the former drummer of Carissa’s Wierd and Band of Horses more about the journey to Deer Creek Canyon.
Innocent Words: Your album art is always evocative of the great outdoors. Intentional? 
Sera Cahoone: Not really intentional. Just seems to happen. I grew up around a lot of mountains in Colorado. Every chance I get I try to get away, get out of the city. I also love flea markets and estate sales and always pick up weird old nature art like eagle sculptures, elk paintings and other nonsense.
IW: Is there a connection between playing drums (loud) and your father selling dynamite (also loud) for a living?

Cahoone: That’s a really good point and hilarious. Maybe it is the dynamite. Thanks, pop.
IW: What drew you to the Northwest?
Cahoone: I worked at a snowboard/skateboard shop in Colorado. They wanted to open a new one out here in Seattle and asked me to run it. I said yes right away. I had visited the area in high school and always loved Seattle, so I knew I wanted to go. Best decision I have ever made.
IW: What do you wish you knew as a solo artist when you were back playing in bands?
Cahoone: How to listen better.
IW: Are you playing drums on this album?
Cahoone: Yes, I played drums on four songs, but wrote most the drum parts.
IW: How did you get your start playing drums?
Cahoone: I was always obsessed with drums. It is always the first thing I hear. I used to get in trouble at school because I would constantly be banging on my desk. I’m sure I was the most annoying kid ever. I told my mom that if she bought me a drum set I’m sure I wouldn’t do that anymore.  She bought me the drum set but that actually made it worse. But hey, it worked.
IW: When and how did you start writing songs?
Cahoone: I started writing songs in high school. My mom and my brother always had a guitar lying around so I would pick it up and try to teach myself. Songs just started coming. I never thought I would be a singer but here I am. I got drunk at a party and my best friend convinced me to play her a song. That’s where it all started.
IW: Something people would be surprised to learn about you?
Cahoone: I am a huge Denver Broncos fan.

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