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Graham Parker & the Rumour: Live at Rockpalast

Last Updated 10/31/2012 1:50:48 PM

By: John B. Moore

Graham Parker & the Rumour Live at Rockpalast (Made in Germany Music)Graham Parker & the Rumour

Live at Rockpalast

(Made in Germany Music)

I’ve always felt bad for Graham Parker. You see, in my opinion, he’s an incredibly talented singer-songwriter who came on the scene at the wrong time.

He cut his teeth playing in various pub bands in England in the 60s and early 70s but came into his own in the mid/late 70s with his band Graham Parker & The Rumour. Unfortunately, they launched about the same time as Elvis Costello & the Attractions. The two front men sounded amazingly alike and, for whatever reason, the record buying public, especially those in the U.S. cast their lot with Costello. It took Parker a bit to crack the States and, even then, he never fully got the appreciation he deserved.

Here we have documented two amazing power pop concerts performed in Germany. CD 1 is from 1978 and features the original Rumour. CD 2 is from 1980 and features Nicky Hopkins (The Beatles and The Rolling Stones) on keyboards.

It’s a treat. Simply put. A total treat for those that appreciate catchy, witty and engaging pop music. This collection is one for your collection.

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