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EDH: Yaviz

Last Updated 9/29/2012 4:02:37 PM

By: Jeremy Wood

EDH Yaviz (lentonia)EDH



True musicians will usually slough off their talent as something intertwined with their humanity and owning up their inspiration to second nature. Whether it comes from the soul or a dream, what flows from them is gauged by how strongly it is able to connect with the listening ears. On the album Yaviz, EDH pulls us out of our reality and into the labyrinth of an emotional dream world.

In the 11 tracks on this disc, EDH manages to create a unique intimacy with the listener that delves into our own psyches by way of a journey through its own. It is beautiful, wistful and insightful, strapping us in with its inspiration and leading us on a journey through the black clouds of a restless soul. The sounds flow evenly throughout the disc, a parallel to the feelings shared through depthless words. No one aspect of EDH stands out as being stronger than the rest, but that is only because it all stands out; each song has its own conceptual individuality while retaining the seamlessness of the creation.

This isn’t a CD to pop in if you are having a rough time and need an understanding lifeline to share your experiences. With a wide range of topics tied together through experimental attempts at creative compositions, Yaviz is actually more of a lesson in self-examination. This is an album of dark black patches sewn together to create not a blanket of warmth and security, but one of understanding. The sound is chaotic, but secretly offers an off-hand regularity to put the world in perspective. It may be EDH’s voice and words, but it is our lives that are found in the music.

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