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Conspirator: Unlocked Live from the Georgia Theater

Last Updated 9/28/2012 12:44:00 PM

By: Jeremy Wood

Conspirator Unlocked Live from the Georgia Theater (Sci-Fidelity)


Unlocked Live from the Georgia Theater


It is unfortunate that my editor wants 350-400 words about this disc, because it can actually be summed up in one word: awesome. Rarely can an instrumental album both carry itself and continue to grow within the confines of its own space. It has both the solidity of undeniable skill and a resulting fluidity of exploration rooted in that talent.

With the recent popularity of David Guetta, I wonder how this group could go unnoticed. With a similar, yet more personal style and sound, Unlocked has the feel of feuding disc-spinning geniuses coming together to raise the bar for everyone else. With the exception of actual singing, this album has everything an appreciator of music would want: good sounds, musical exploration and tasteful samples.

Each song is better than the one before it. From the first track to the last there is a steady evolution of sound married wonderfully with talent. The only words on this album come from other artists’ samples (listen for Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick in the Wall” within the track “Proper Education”) and yet, even without the artists stretching their vocal ranges, there is absolutely no shortage of enjoyment. The group shares with us a strength that grows from the confidence of their own abilities.

The music carries this album into new depths and corners that many musicians avoid, not wanting to rock the stability of their success. Conspirator embraces this instability, the compositions flowing together in a tapestry that both builds its own unique sound and also consistently supports it. Every track delivers, and even without lyrics we can hear the group members enjoying themselves as the notes blend together. It’s not jolted, it doesn’t drag, it doesn’t get boring, and it doesn’t disappoint. You hear an instrumental interpretation of musical talent at its finest; the members of this group are pulsing in their own product. We don’t just hear their talent, we experience their vision.

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