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Susan Surftone and Her Fender Stratocasters

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Susan Surftone and Her Fender StratocastersI started the SurfTones in 1993. Right around that time I picked up two Mexican made Fender Strats, one Lake Placid Blue, the other Candy Apple Red. Staying true to my habit for not buying expensive guitars, I was more than satisfied with the affordable Mexican made models. I like having two guitars with me at gigs. Occasionally a string goes flying, and it's a show-stopper to have to change a string in mid-set.
The blue Strat reminded me of my beloved first electric guitar, a blue Kapa Continental that I never should have gotten rid of. I kick myself every time I think about letting that guitar go. I thought the blue Stratt would be my main guitar and the red would be the back-up, but I was wrong.
The blue Strat had a great neck. The red Strat had better electronics. So the blue neck went on the red body, and I had one great Strat. I also had a decent backup guitar. My red Strat became my best buddy on stage and in the studio. It's been to Europe four times; it’s played at the Rose Garden twice for the Portland Trailblazers. It’s played in empty clubs for about five people. It was the guitar I recorded my solo adventure, Shore on in 2011, and it'll be in the studio with me when I record the next CD in 2013.

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