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Nevermore and Leander Rising Guitarist Attila Vörös’ Love for Schecter

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 Nevermore and Leander Rising Guitarist Attila Vörös’ Love for SchecterWritten by Attila Vörös

When it comes to the seven string guitars I can say I’ve been using Schecter ever since I first heard about the extra string.

I remember a friend telling me that if I call myself a true metal and music fan, there are a few records I have to own. One of them is Dead Heart in a Dead World from the legendary Seattle band, Nevermore. It was around Christmas time, so I asked my dad to get the CD. When I first put it in, it changed my life as a musician. Dead Heart in a Dead World opened up a lot of new doors. It’s funny that it was actually Jeff Loomis who put me on this path, which you can imagine made it even cooler when I joined Nevermore few years later. It was a dream come.

I bought my first Schecter Hellraiser C-seven guitar but I sold the guitar to a band that was looking for this very edition. I became friends with these guys, and since they’re big Nevermore fans, and because I was playing Nevermore tunes when they bought the guitar - one day they called and asked me if I wanted to play a song with them in one of their upcoming show in the capitol city. A few months later, they went to the studio for recording their third album and they asked me to do a guest solo. They were had a young and talented guitarist at the time, who later turned out wasn’t really ready to go to a studio without writing any solos to the album.

The band had a young, talented guitar player but wasn’t prepared to go into the studio and record solos, so I helped him. And the guitar I used in the studio was the same one I previously sold to the band.  I fell in love with that guitar again and tried to buy her back but of course he didn’t sell it to me. I started searching for the same guitar, same year, same everything and fortunately I found one on eBay. That’s the same guitar I’ve been using ever since. I have many deep feelings and love for this guitar,

I got the Nevermore gig using her for the videos I taped, and ended up using her for recording more than 90-percent of Heart Tamer because she sounded better than any other seven string we have the studio.

Schecter customized JF-FR seven string „Strength of Will” Guitar:

We did a lots of changes – some minor, some major – on this guitar. The main change was with the neck, making it less round and thinner, more like a C-shaped neck.

I had been using the stock EMG pickups, and they worked well. But a company, called Artec from Korea offered me to do some custom, signature pickups for me. Not that I had any problems with EMG’s, I just wanted to try out something different. I asked Artec if they could do passive pickup set with my ideas regarding the sound and the look. They made a few prototypes for me, and the ones that were the closest to what I imagined for myself I’m still using up to this day. Unfortunately the pickups didn’t make it to market, but it was a great honor to do.

Here are some specs about the original guitar:

 Nevermore and Leander Rising Guitarist Attila Vörös’ Love for SchecterSchecter Blackjack SLS C-seven Satin Black

I got to know the company and its main people thanks to Jeff Loomis and of course Nevermore. Schecter have been more than generous to me ever since I first shook hands with them. In many ways, they are a huge company with a family feel.

They were going to hook me up with a Les Paul shaped seven string guitar – Special Edition ATX – but when I visited them in Los Angeles they surprised me with this Blackjack SLS seven sting guitar which wasn’t even out on the market at the time. The serial number of the guitar is No.2! The neck is much thinner than most of the Schecter seven strings, and it have a satin finish that reacts really well in most weather circumstances. Overall it just feels comfortable and makes the player’s job much easier. One thing that causes me a little headache is that the output signal of the active Seymour Duncan’s is so big, that I’m having issues with the feedback on stage, so I might have to deal with changing pickups because of it – which wouldn’t be a case if I wouldn’t own so different axes

More info about the guitar:

Schecter Synyster Gates Custom 6 String Guitar:

I won this guitar on a scholarship when I was attending Musicians Institute (GIT) in 2012 for the spring quarter. It was the first time I’ve ever tried a Syn custom guitar and – of course – I easily fell love with the guitar from the first moment I tried it. A solid, heavy piece of mahogany, ebony fret board, original Floyd Rose is just a few of those specs that tells a lot about a good guitar. The neck feels a little similar to the classic Les Paul necks, which I love to death when it comes to the six string guitars.

The pickups are Seymour Duncan Invaders with a huge output so they fit perfectly to my other guitars I’m using live and have active pickups built in. I tuned it down to C# which is one of my favorite tunings ever, and I’ve been writing new material with this guitar. Hopefully I’ll be able to use it live sometime soon, though I’m thinking about doing some custom paintjob on the guitar, to make it closer to me.

More info about the guitar:

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