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In Demand Bassist Daniel Spriewald Talks About His Bass Collection and Many Projects.

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Bassist Daniel SpriewaldIn Demand Bassist Daniel Spriewald Talks About His Bass Collection and Many Projects.

So every time I bring a bass home I feel both excited and a little guilty because I don't REALLY need it but I just HAVE to have it. My argument to the wife is, "you have more shoes then l'll ever have basses". That shuts her down every time.  She's got a lot of shoes.

My very first bass was a Kay short scale that looks like an SG. I was 12 I think. Still have it. Its been altered a thousand ways with different bodies  and stuff, then I put it back together to it's original  state (kind of). Can't get rid of that thing. 
I really started collecting basses when I was recording my first solo CD Full Capsule. I wanted a lot of different sounds for different parts and songs. 

I bought this ‘73 blonde Fender P with an ash body for about two grand. Sounds amazing and plays amazing, but heavy as hell. (ash = heavy). It sounds very 70’s. Round, balanced and thuddy  in a cool way, especially if you put flats on it.

 I had to get the Gibson SG bass when it was reissued a couple years back. That thing is just cool and sounds unlike any other bass I have. I recorded it on a tune with a lot of distortion and bar chords and the sound was so damn evil and so good. Also with just the neck pickup, flat strings and a 15-inch speaker you can fill a room like crazy. I used it for and Elvis Monroe gig once but it was actually way too boomy for the room and the band, since  the guitar player Ben Carey was only an acoustic for that show. My 4x10 cabinet would have worked better I think. But still a great bass.

Also, I  had to get the Geddy Lee reissue jazz bass. Mostly because I didn't have a jazz bass and being Canadian, I had to have something that says Geddy Lee on it.  I played the shit out of Rush Moving Pictures as a kid. This was a Craig's List special for $600. The guy put Bartolini pickups in it and changed the pick guard from white to black and also put a hipshot D-tuner on it. Yay for me! That’s what I would have done to it anyway. That was a good score. It's just awesome. That thing feels amazing. Plays and sounds great too. I find it's great for gigs with bands that have a more ambient sound or keyboards. Very clean bass tone that really cuts through a mix.

I use a Martin acoustic bass a lot for learning new tunes and just messing around on the couch. I tried a bunch of acoustic basses, but I was looking for one that actually sounded great acoustically and this is the one. All the sales people would try to sell me some crappy one and say, "this one sounds killer plugged in dude". I'd say," yeah, but it sounds shit right here in front of me". Ears don't lie, sales people do.
The bass I find myself pulling off the wall and playing the most for almost everything is my Fender P 62 reissue, made sometime in the late 80's. It's one of those gems I found on eBay. I just liked the way it looked (black with a red pick guard.) Plus it had, as the ad said, "one of those d-tuner thingys" on it. A Hip-shot D tuner, which happens to be the first thing I put on every bass I get. So I'm already stoked about that because I just saved 90 bucks. 

Bassist Daniel SpriewaldPlus the "buy now" icon was punching me in the face with the cool price of $549. Done and done!  I get it home and it's love at first pluck. Fits me like a glove. It has the Alder body P bass sound that I love and It's perfect for The Drills songs and fits Phil Xs' tone amazingly. Ive used every bass I own for The Drills and this one sounds the best. It Also fits Elvis Monroes' tunes and sound. Its the only one I bring to any session. I've since put some Lindy Frailin pick-ups in it and a badass bridge.

I'll be traveling to the UK this June playing some shows with The Drills. I'm pretty excited about that. Along with my favorite fender-P bass, I'll be bringing a new Yamaha I just got. This thing sounds really nice and plays amazing. It kind of has a vintage look to that I love. Plenty of pictures of that tour to come.

Daniel Spriewald plays bass in:
The Drills
Elvis Monroe
Phil X
And others.

Follow him on Facebook:!/danielspree?sk=info

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