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2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Last Updated 4/20/2012 2:26:28 PM

By: Troy Michael

2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard

I stopped playing guitar for a long period of time, I even went so far to sell all my gear and guitars I had, manly to pay medical bills. Once I started getting caught up financially and Innocent Words was in good shape I wanted to start playing guitar again.

Around 2007-2008 Innocent Words received a Tesla live DVD to review and their guitarist Dave Rude was playing a Gibson Les Paul that I absolutely fell in love with. I hit the internet searching the style of guitar and did some research. I liked what I read about this guitar and saved up money for several months until I could afford a Gibson my very first Les Paul.

I found this guitar online and bought it without even playing it, though there was a return po0licy. I couldn’t wait. I was getting back into the game. When the package arrived I cracked open the case and there it was in all its wood, chrome and wired glory. I figured if I was going to start playing guitar again, I might as well get something I’ve always wanted to motivate me to keep on playing.

Apparently that worked because I still have a love for this Gibson Les Paul Standard. Even though Gibson’s tend to go out of tune more than a Fender, it’s still a fun guitar to play. Honestly, I don’t know too much about it technical wise, it’s all stock, but I love my first Les Paul. I will never get rid of it. It has the ability to sound like an angry lion with its roar or it can hit the sweetest of blues notes with its tone. For me, fusing blues and rock is what this guitar was made for and it hasn’t let me down.

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