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The Dollyrots Kelly Ogden - Gibson Thunderbird IV Bass

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The Dollyrots Kelly Ogden - Gibson Thunderbird IV Bass By Kelly Ogden

When asked to write about a favorite piece of gear my gut reaction was my Gibson Thunderbird IV. It sounds like a beast and it has endured my incessant bashing and abusing on tour after tour.

Thunderbirds are my preferred live bass because coupled with my Mesa Boogie 400 and 2x15 cabinet they sound incredibly beefy and have great sustain thanks to the through-body construction (one piece of wood head to tail).

As a female lead singer/bassist I've worked hard to hone a heavy and powerful bass sound that reflects the tougher part of me. The toughness that you might not expect from "the girl" in a band. This bass also has the nicest neck I've ever wrapped my hands around.

The drawbacks... well, she's heavy. But I'm okay with my left shoulder being a bit lower than my right one. And the other drawback is that the headstock seems to be the Thunderbird's Achilles' heel. I've had two snap while in their cases, packed away safely in the gear trailer. Luckily once repaired I've never had one break again. I do beat them around quite a bit so I'm sure it's mostly my fault. I figure our bumps and bruises are all part of being on the road together. If anything ever happened to her I would feel a sense of loss much like losing a body part.

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