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When it comes to the seven string guitars I can say I’ve been using Schecter ever since I first heard about the extra string.

So every time I bring a bass home I feel both excited and a little guilty because I don't REALLY need it but...
MXR are doing some great work these days.

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While sewing the seams between electronic music and intricate, precise guitar technicality, Brennan Dylan is set to take the guitar world by storm
I never thought I would be lucky enough to own an actual Gibson Les Paul guitar in my life let alone two of them.
My very first Gibson Les Paul

When asked to write about a favorite piece of gear my gut reaction was my Gibson Thunderbird IV.
As soon as I played the ’59 Gibson Les Paul Custom, it has been my main guitar.
MXR and their line of Custom Badass pedals are redefining electric guitar and outboard equipment.

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