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Issue 69 Cover - September, 2012 - Innocent Words
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The last decade for Minneapolis rockers Soul Asylum has been a pretty shaky one. ...
Looking back on 10 years...
On Never Be the Same the quartet cements their classic rock sound with pop powered hooks.
The indie icons reform, record after 25 years
When The Early November finally tacked up the noncommittal “indefinite hiatus” status on their website in 2007, many assumed the band was gone for good
Flatfoot 56 have ridden the carousel of record labels, landing most recently on the solid indie Paper + Plastick
The Riverboat Gamblers seem to be everywhere lately.
Break-ups and hastily hatched reunions are nothing new for bands nowadays.

Once More With Feeling Minimize
Pop culture has been littered over the years with actors who wanted to be rock stars
Aollection of 10 demos
Three classic indie albums by one band
To be honest, what the hell can you say about Pantera’s seminal release Vulgar Display of Power?
The Paul Simon classic celebrates 25 years in deluxe formats

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The pastel-laden clothes, the product-drenched hair, the Patrick Nagel-brushed album covers, and the videos—who could forget the videos!
AMC does it again...
One night in 1982 in Irvine Meadows, California, the band not only recorded the event, but filmed it, and it is now out on DVD.
For years I’ve been calling bullshit on the use of the term “reality” in this series about Kiss founder Gene Simmons
Legendary musicians come together for one night.

Gearing Up Minimize
When it comes to the seven string guitars I can say I’ve been using Schecter ever since I first heard about the extra string.

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Where you hear the biggest growth with the Bruises is in the lyrics. Blue is writing out of her mind
This album is full of what you’d expect
On the disc Poppy Seeds, the listener hears enough sugary music to warrant the dentist on speed-dial.
Flash forward 25 years, and the original lineup of The dBs is back. Life is good.
The variety of sound that composes this album is both its strength and its undoing.
Vocalist Emily Armstrong is a hidden gem with a voice that just cries out to be heard
Though The Doc Marshalls’ latest is certain to appeal to ironic hipsters rocking pearl-button Western shirts,...
Here’s an interesting business plan for a band: release your first new music in more than three years in batches, as EPs over the course of a 12-month period.
If you were never a fan of the band, this isn’t going to change your opinion.
Three albums into it, the LA-based band Everest is in the groove.
With their first album in nearly 10 years, the classic line-up is back intact,
With its punch to the gut opening track “Brother, Brother,” the tone is set early on and rarely wavers
Give Michael “Guitar Mikey” McMillan credit for doing his homework on the technical aspects of self-producing his latest release
Legendary Seattle rockers release 14th studio album
Paying tribute to the Duke
A band of brothers. Is that not the dream?
Minneapolis rockers back on track with new album
Mentioning a musician once played with Sufjan Stephens is cause for excitement.
Texas rpckers return with gritty classic Toadie rock
Water Fae is a collection of Seattle music veterans...

Book Reviews Minimize
I think the fact that columnist Joel Stein questioned his manliness enough to write “Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity” in the first place is pretty damn manly
Warren Littlefield was one of the architects of “Must See TV” and was president of NBC from 1993-1998

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