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Issue 67 Cover - July, 2012 - Innocent Words
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Brandi Carlile has spent the better part of the last decade traversing the planet, bringing her music to an ever-growing following.
Sometimes it’s not all fun and games at Innocent Words.
Fuzz and Carrie Sangiovanni, the husband and wife founders of Caravan of Thieves, a beautifully eclectic four-piece that is part gypsy swing and part folk rock band
Landing somewhere on the musical spectrum between the Shins and the Flaming Lips, Philly’s Cheers Elephant have been quietly churning out impossible to resist psychedelic pop-rock
Having one of the greatest country rock outlaws as your father could actually be a pretty big albatross around your neck
The Successful Failures were little more than a moniker at one time
If Twin Atlantic’s 2009 mini-album was a hint at what was to come, they certainly paid off on all promises made with their next effort.

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In June 1998, Billy Bragg and Wilco released the monumentally significant Mermaid Avenue.
This is a fun album, incredibly engaging and … fun
Even with only one original member, Mick Jones on guitar, Foreigner is still touring the globe.
Back in May 2011, the Stacy Jones Band rocked the Untapped Brews and Blues Festival in Washington and recorded it for prosperity.
Unless you’re a student of British hard rock, chances are you probably know little about UFO

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Who doesn’t think of the fiddle when CBD is discussed?
Fans of late great Canadian blues rocker Jeff Healey will no doubt be thrilled with this new release “Live in Belgium” DVD/CD
Concert DVDs are tricky things. if there is no showmanship from the frontman, no stage show to grab your attention, you might as well be listening to a live album.
Chances are you’ve never heard of the Kashmere Stage Band, but thanks to Jamie Foxx and this stellar documentary, the Houston-based former high school funk band is finally getting the recognition
David Simon and Eric Overmyer – best known for HBO’s “The Wire” – were under tremendous pressure to follow up that critical darling with their second HBO outing:” Treme.”

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So every time I bring a bass home I feel both excited and a little guilty because I don't REALLY need it but...
MXR are doing some great work these days.

Table of Contents


Cover Story:  Brandi Carlile - Raising Hell and Finding Personal Growth
Caravan of Thieves: Bring The Funhouse To You
Cheers Elephant: Good Music Is Just Good Music
Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real: Snapshots Of Life
The Successful Failures: Successfully Putting Music First
Twin Atlantic: Honestly Speaking


IW10: A Decade of Innocent Words Part 6: I Don’t Mind Stealing Bread


Billy Bragg and Wilco; The Electric Anthology Project of Dinosaur Jr; Foreigner; Stacy Jones Band; UFO.


Age/Sex/Occupation; Atom Age; Mickey Avalon; Willis Earl Beal; Candlebox; Brandi Carlile; Cordovas; The Cult; Efren; Garbage; Girlyman; Horse Feathers; Barbara Ireland; Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson; The Mastersons; Eamon McGrath; Silversun Pickups; War of Ages; Jack White; Kaia Wilson.


Girl Walks into a Bar: By Rachel Dratch; My Life in the Ghost of Planets By Binky Philips; Suddenly, a Knock on the Door: By Etgar Keret.


Charlie Daniels Band; Jeff Healey Band; The Raconteurs; Thunder Soul; Treme.


Feature: In Demand Bassist Daniel Spriewald Talks About his Bass Collection and Many Projects; eReview: M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe

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Maybe an EP would have been a better start?
Oh Berkley, is there no genre of punk rock you can’t make better?
Fortunately for Mickey Avalon, he knows how to take a tough looking photo
There is much to be said in the Internet world about Chicago-based singer-songwriter Willis Earl Beal,
What Nickleback is to the 2000s, Candlebox was to the 1990s.
A lonesome howl announcing the train leaving the station kicks off Bear Creek...
The self-titled release from the Cordovas probably slipped under the radar of many
The Cult return after long hiatus
Folk rock devotees, Efren trade signature acoustic chill for electric gritty twang
Garbage returns with new album after long hiatus
There is an urgency in Girlyman’s latest and most mature effort to date
Four albums into it and Portland’s quiet folk group Horse Feathers have hit their stride
Barbara Ireland is one of the finest talents in the Pacific Northwest.
Well, it's a different world from the stadium heyday of Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson. ...
The oft-used phrase, “the whole has greater value than the sum of its parts” aptly applies to journeyman side players and actual husband and wife duo The Mastersons
Eamon McGrath is a bit like the Canadian version of Chuck Ragan
Someone who is not a fan of the band’s previous releases may need to take time to digest the record fully.
With shredtastic guitars plucked from the cutting room floor of Unearth’s metalcore album the Oncoming Stor...
Jack White's official solo debut
Former Team Dresch and The Butchies members releases fourth solo album

Book Reviews Minimize
For every Tina Fey and Will Ferrell there’s a Dan Vitale and a yes, sadly, a Rachel Dratch.
Binky Philips may be best described as the Forest Gump of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Short story collections have always had a polarizing effect on readers....

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