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Issue 65 Cover - May, 2012 - Innocent Words
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Brad's United We Stand Could Be the Album of 2012
One of the biggest highlights for me and Innocent Words came early in the magazine, April 23, 2003, to be exact.
Singer-songwriter, train enthusiast and all around badass Tim Barry
After 21 years, Fast Eddie Clarke, as Fastway, has released one of the best hard rock albums to come down the pike in a long time.
The Northern California band has managed to make a career out of infectious, sometimes sophomoric, but almost always funny pop punk songs
Barrett Martin is a drummer, composer, producer, writer, and Zen artist who has performed around the world...
The attic of any house can be a place of dusty mystery. Normally, the attic is a place where people store things and then forget about them.
The guys from Useless ID have been counting off “1, 2, 3, 4” in Haifa City for nearly two decades now.

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This fascinating documentary takes an in depth look at the albums and careers of John Lennon and Paul McCartney post Beatles
Lindsey Buckingham is one talented and underrated mother fucker.
In this documentary-style film written and directed by Vincent Caldoni, Vai (Tara Walker) lost her mother when she was just three years old...
Great band. Great record. DVD about it all? Good enough.
The Hollies were huge in the 60’s and, in fact, were part of the first British Invasion.
Nonetheless, we're going to guess that the reason this concert was not released sooner than later...
“The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret” follows milquetoast Todd Margaret (“Arrested Development’s” David Cross)
There is something hilarious about a guy who gets paid to take the stage in front of hundreds night after night and sing “Fuck Authority” at the top of his lungs, reprimand his pre-teen daughter for using a naughty word at home.
“This was a challenge and a Joy,” declared James “JY” Young, founding member of arena rock legends Styx, as he addresses the audience...
“Frank Zappa: From Straight To Bizarre” tells the story of Frank Zappa’s quest to break the shackles...

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While sewing the seams between electronic music and intricate, precise guitar technicality, Brennan Dylan is set to take the guitar world by storm
I never thought I would be lucky enough to own an actual Gibson Les Paul guitar in my life let alone two of them.
My very first Gibson Les Paul

Table of Contents

Innocent Words Issue #65 May 2012


Brad - Don’t Call It a Comeback…Or a Side Project. Brad is For Real on United We Stand
Tim Barry - All Aboard for Tim Barry’s ‘40 MileR’
Fastway - Returning After Two Decades With A Powerful Guitar Induced Album
Lagwagon - Putting Music In Its Place
Barrett Martin - The Universal Truth of the Barrett Martin Group’s Artifact
Jen Trani - Come On Down! Guitarist Teaches the World How to Play
Useless ID - Punk Rock From Israel: Useless ID Releases Symptoms on Fat Wreck Chords


A Decade of Innocent Words Part 4: Pearl Jam @ Assembly Hall, Champaign, Illinois


Brad; Counting Crows; Fastway; Justin Kessel; Barrett Martin Group; Orbital; The Projection; The Soft Hills; Bruce Springsteen; Randy Thompson; Truckstop Honeymoon; Paul Weller; The Used; Useless ID; Xiu Xiu.


Commando By Johnny Ramone; Everybody Loves Our Town By Mark Yarm; Fifty Shades of Grey: By E. L. James; Kasher in the Rye By Moshe Kasher.


The Beatles; Lindsey Buckingham; Cathedral Park; The Doors; The Hollies; Ian Hunter Band feat. Mick Ronson; The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret; The Other F Word; Styx; Frank Zappa.


Feature: Guitarist Brennan Dylan And His Animal; Review: 1990 Gibson Les Paul Studio; Review: 2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Album Reviews Minimize
Seattle boys Brad return with new album with new label
Counting Crows go independent on new covers album
Fast Eddie Clarke returns after two decades with new Fastway record
This seems to be an album of reflection.
Produced by legendary studio man Jack Endino along with Martin, the band has recently released their fifth album Artifact.
Orbital’s new release, Wonky is their first in the better part of a decade
Missing the mid-to-late-90s? So are the guys that make up the pop-punk band The Projection.
The group captures content well, covering regret and lost love and the shades of life,
The Boss Is Back!
Randy Thompson hails from the small town of Clifton, Virginia, population 282. This irreducibly American backdrop serves as the inspiration..
One is a fluke, two is an anomaly and three is clearly a trend.
Paul Weller, the Modfather
As the old saying goes, if you want to do something right, do it yourself.
Symptoms represents a changing of the guard for Useless ID.
Xiu Xiu frontman and brainchild Jaime Stewart sets the manic depressive rollercoaster into motion right from the get-go...

Book Reviews Minimize
Johnny Ramone died in September 2004. For whatever reason it took eight years for this book to come out …
If there were ever a college course designed around the study of grunge....
Fifty Shades of Bad Erotica…
Kasher in the Rye: The True Tale of a White Boy from Oakland Who Became a Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental Patient, and Then Turned 16

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