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Issue 64 Cover - April, 2012 - Innocent Words
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Luscious Jackson...Are You Ready?
What was i thinking?
Three iconic women - Meghan Toohey, Patty Schemel, Nicole Fiorentino - for the Cold and Lovely
Together for just a year now, the guys in Luther are quickly making a name for themselves by churning out stellar punk rock
Fans of The Happiest Lamb can let out a collective sigh of relief; the first record wasn’t simply a fluke of greatness.
Three albums into it and Scranton, PA’s favorite sons, The Menzingers have turned in their tightest collection yet of anthemic pop-punk rock.

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And yes, he is/was all those things and a hell of a lot more. ..
Like many fans of Clannad, I was first introduced to the multi Grammy-winning Irish group during a pivotal scene in the 1992 film “The Last of the Mohicans.”
Austin’s Cotton Mather reside in that category of extremely talented/highly underrated bands, a slot that has included groups like Jellyfish, Big Star and Teenage Fanclub to name just a very few.
What is there to say that hasn't been said, written or filmed about the late and great Ms. Janis Joplin?

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Adding to the compelling plots, there is plenty of historical filler with real political figures and gangsters making cameos throughout the series.
It’s truly a fascinating story and well-represented on this “The Ballad Of…”
“Live From Los Angeles” is a must-have for any fan
Finally, some good hipster jokes! “Portlandia” is “Monty Python's Flying Circus” for hipsters…by hipsters…about hipsters.
“Days Of Our Lives” is one of the better rock docs that we've had the pleasure of viewing. Bravo!

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When asked to write about a favorite piece of gear my gut reaction was my Gibson Thunderbird IV.
As soon as I played the ’59 Gibson Les Paul Custom, it has been my main guitar.
MXR and their line of Custom Badass pedals are redefining electric guitar and outboard equipment.

Table of Contents

Innocent Words Issue #64 April 2012

Cover Story: Luscious Jackson; The Cold & Lovely; Luther; Audra Mae; The Mezingers.

IW10: A Decade of Innocent Words Part 3: Innocent Words Records

Johnny Cash; Clannad; Cotton Mather; Janis Joplin.

Steve Adamyk Band; Mind Spiders; Archer Black; Coyote Grace; Cursive; Drunken Prayer; Kathleen Edwards; Exdetectives; 50 Foot Wave; First Aid Kit; Joel Henderson; Hit the Lights; The Melismatics; Paul McCartney;  Nervous Curtains; Sara Radle; Todd Snider; SorryEverAfter; Twilight Sad; Van Halen; Jenny Owen Youngs.

Raylan; Treat Me Like Dirt; What It Was.

Boardwalk Empire; Mott the Hoople; Owl City; Portlandia; Queen.

Features: The Dollyrot's Kelly Ogden - Gibson Thunderbird IV Bass; Black Oxygen's David Lyle and His Favorite Les Paul; Reviews: MXR Custom Badass Modified O.D. (M77)

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Play these or any other Dirtnap releases at your next party and watch horrified Kansas fans stampede for the door. It’s hilarious!
They bill themselves as being “a compelling, moody modern rock ensemble. A highly orchestrated trapeze act.” I hear the moody.
This Northern California-based band formed in 2004 as street performers outside of Seattle’s Pike Place Market, a fitting beginning for a group whose talent envelops listeners like whiffs of steaming Starbucks coffee.
Cursive have been around since 1995, and since 2000 the band has put out an album about every three years, with their latest being I Am Gemini.
You’d be forgiven for assuming Morgan Christopher Geer (aka Drunken Prayer) called Austin, hell even Nashville, home.
The relationship Edwards sings about makes for an enthralling story
Exdetectives is the brainchild of LA by way of Dallas painter and musician Faris McReynolds.
Beautifully chaotic.
The Soderberg sisters have got it going on! I am totally enthralled with them and their album.
Locked Doors & Pretty Fences reminds us: It’s not the steps you take to get there, it’s who you are when you’ve arrive.
Sure, all of the bands hallmarks are present – shout-a-long moments of gang vocal euphoria, crunchy guitars and arena ready hooks
If Lady Gaga decided to start an indie pop band I’m pretty sure it would sound a lot like The Melismatics.
Kisses on the Bottom is a collection of songs, mostly covers, from the 20s, 30s and 40s that McCartney has cherished from his youth.
Nervous Curtains’ is still able to mold old themes to their updated medium.
Based on her previous work of progressive and creative music, Sara Radle pieces together another brave work of art...
More than just a singer/songwriter, Todd Snider is one of the best storytellers in music today.
Still in their infancy, the band has recorded six powerful and memorable songs ...
Two parts Joy Division, one part The Cure, and a dash of Psychadellic Furs: this is the intoxicating,
The boys have delivered an album which seemingly picks up from where they left off with 1984...
The new release from Brooklyn-based chanteuse Jenny Owen Youngs marks a new level of maturity for the artists and for indie music at large

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U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens has been pretty busy lately....
For those that didn’t know, Toronto once played host to a thriving and vibrant punk scene.
Set in the early 70’s, “What It Was,” Pelecanos’ fifteenth or so crime novel, brings back Derek Strange

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