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Issue 63 Cover - March, 2012 - Innocent Words
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Allison Robertson has been the guitarist for the Donnas for more than half her life....
February 2012 kicked off the 10th anniversary of Innocent Words Magazine. With that in mind, I have decided to write one retrospective feature each issue documenting our biggest moments, good, bad or otherwise.
Fake Figures features members of Hotwire, Atreyu, SS Nova, Scars of Tomorrow.
After years of self-releasing EPs the French Exit have finally loosened the reigns enough to let a label handle their next release.
Singer-songwriter Dar Williams is set to release her ninth studio album, In The Time Of Gods, on Razor & Tie this April.
Not only is the Missionary Position a eye catching name for a band, but the band itself is ear bending.
Miles Nielsen seems to be a simple man … focused, funny, down-to-earth. ...

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Imagine standing in the audience before a darkened amphitheater, eagerly waiting for the Cure to take the stage...
Live at Montreux with Orchestra proves that after 40-plus years Deep Purple still loves to perform and DP Mark VIII is in top form.
The Very Best of Neil Diamond (the 2011 version, not to be confused by the 1997 and 2002 versions that go by the same name)
From the open guitar chords of the first track “Rhythm of Love,” you can’t help feeling nostalgic for a little of that German hard rock...
Though it offers mostly a smattering of re-recordings of their own songs, Styx’s Regeneration Volume I& II features a bit more than mere redeuxs

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“Hide” is a thriller written by Jamison Brandi and Jason Brandi which feels like a college film project
HBO’s brilliant "The Life and Times of Tim" is one of the only remaining shows that can still manage to keep up with "South Park" for laughs.
The long out of print “The Gun Is Loaded” by Lydia Lunch has finally made it to DVD.
The New York Dolls are deservedly considered an iconic band...
You can have your Radiohead and you can take your Muse, I will take my Placebo and raise my hands like I don’t give a fuck.

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The first time I held it in my hands I fell in love...
Remember all those great hard rock albums from the late ‘70s and how thick, powerful and balanced the distortion was?
When the guitar collection recently started growing, I abandoned those cheap aluminum guitar stands in favor of the Road Runner 7 Guitar Stand Flightcase.

Table of Contents

Innocent Words Issue #63 March 2012

The Donnas; Fake Figures; French Exit; Missionary Position; ; Miles Nielsen; Dar Williams

A Decade of Innocent Words Magazine: Part 2, National Distribution

The Cure; Deep Purple; Neil Diamond; Scorpions; Styx.

American Bloomers; Anti-Flag; Cardinal; Chris Cornell; Fake Figures; The Fall; The Explorers Club; Kevn Kinney & the Golden Palominos; Mark Lanegan; Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved’s; Lyle Lovett;  Lower 48; Daphne Lee Martin & Raise the Rent; Me and Cassity;  The Missionary Position; Miles Nielsen; The Phantom Family Halo; R. Mutt; Ringo Starr; Jack Wilson.

A Bad Idea I’m About to Do; Everything I Know About Business I Learned From the Grateful Dead; Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven & Hell with Black Sabbath; Retromania; The Woman Who Swallowed Her Cat.

Hide; The Life and Times of Tim: The Complete Second Season; Lydia Lunch: The Gun Is Loaded; New York Dolls: Lookin' Fine On Television; Placebo: We Come in Pieces.

Blake Babies' John P. Strohm and His Jazzmaster; Reviews: Road Runner 7 Guitar Stand Flightcase and MXR Custom Badass ’78 Distortion Pedal.

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Despite their name conjuring up images of granny panties, American Bloomers have the talent and musical style to go a long way.
Nothing sounds as melodious as righteous indignation, even when backed by hardcore punk rock.
Cardinal made their reputation back in 94 when Antipodean ex-pat Richard Davies and the Northwest's Eric Matthews came together.
Cornell’s first live solo album, was recorded during the first Songbook tour during the first half of 2011.
Grand Hotel may prove to be one of the important albums of the year...
With former members of Hotwire, Atreyu, the Iron Maidens, Scars of Tomorrow and SSNOVA within their ranks, it’s clear that Fake Figures has the chops ...
Forget studio tricks or auto tune or anything associated with modern recording techniques. Ersatz GB sounds like England in late 1978.
The record includes some new material, some inspired covers
Known for his whiskey-soaked baritone and his moody lyrics, listeners may be surprised by the atmospheric edge Lanegan has taken on his latest release
Take one part self-deprecation, one part introspection, one part political action, and 97 parts folkified country and you’ve got Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved’s.
Lyle Lovett has finally hit that point in his career where he can turn in a covers album...
By adding clever production effects and fine supporting instrumentation the sing along two chords ditties are transformed into something more mature...
I seriously think Daphne Lee Martin was born about 50 years too late....
Overall, Appearances is the kind of album that you can sit around the house absorbing fully, or that could accompany a long road trip....
The sincere rawness of these songs is what brings the listener in and coming back
The second album from Nielsen, son of Cheap Trick’s Rick, now fronting a fully formed band known as The Rusted Hearts, is a breath of fresh of air.
The Phantom Family Halo has managed to compose an album of interesting and progressive songs that holds us to its own standards.
The album does not play like a relic of a by-gone age of blues...
Ringo, Ringo, Ringo. Who doesn't love Ringo?
Jack Wilson cites his homes as being Seattle and Austin, which explains the immediate mesh of influence on his self-titled debut...

Book Reviews Minimize
Comedian Chris Gethard has led a pretty screwed life with an especially bizarre childhood....
The jokes pretty much write themselves with this one. You can almost envision chapters like “How I Made My First Million Selling Grilled Cheese Sandwiches in Dirty Parking Lots”.
Tony Iommi is a man of few words. He speaks in riffs, just like the music he’s written and put out there for us to enjoy for more than 40 years.
"Retromains: Pop Culture's Addiction to Its Own Past" details the subject matter inside and out and inside and out again.
But aside from its gross-out factor, this book also includes some very solid advice.

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