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Issue 62 Cover - February, 2012 - Innocent Words
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February 2012 kicked off the 10th anniversary of Innocent Words Magazine. With that in mind, we have decided to write one retrospective feature each issue documenting our biggest moments, good, bad or otherwise.
Alabama Shakes singer/guitarist Brittany Howard talks about the bands upcoming debut full length and all the pairse the band has been getting.
Cash Music is a nonprofit organization building open-source tools and services to benefit artists.
Koffin Kats front man and standup bassist Vic Vicor talks about the new album Our Way or the Highway
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Front Man Dickie Barrett Talks About New Album The Magic of Youth
No Use For a Name Front Man Releases Second Solo Album Sad Bear

Once More With Feeling Minimize
On Greatest Hits Volume 2 the band still dishes out more Top 20 and Top 40 hits....
MVD Audio has recently released a collection of blues songs spread out over three CDs ...
Some Girls is an amazing album. Chock full of radio friendly dittie
Rush is like a fine wine, they get better with age. ...
The 90’s alt rock heroes managed to come apparently out of nowhere....

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A quick primer for the uninitiated: Bill is a small business owner in Utah married to three women with nine children....
In July 1961, Ray Charles took his band to Europe for the first time. His first stop was the Antibes Jazz Festival in France. Four sets over four days ...
Peter Gabriel is an artist who has forged a career built on fearlessness and a searching for profound ways of self-expression.
If ever there was a miracle in rock ’n’ roll it is that Ozzy Osbourne is still alive.
With her Bo Derek-like good looks, Angel Tompkins is the lead in this 1974 film "The Teacher," recently released on DVD.

Table of Contents

Issue 62 / February 2012

Features: Decade of Innocent Words Magazine Part 1; Alabama Shakes; CASH Music; Koffin Kats; Mighty Mighty Bosstones; Tony Sly

Once More With Feeling: Journey; MVD Audio Blues; Rolling Stones; Rush; Smashing Pumpkins

Album Reviews: 13 Ghosts; Martha Berner and the Significant Others; The Black Keys; Blessthefall; The Brains; Ani DiFranco; Esben & the Witch; Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds; Larkin Grimm; The Habit; Joe Henry; Hurricane Bells; Stacy Jones Band; Lissie; Nils Lofgren; Nick Lowe; Metallica; Nightwish; Popa Chubby; Rebecca Zapen

Book Reviews: Drinking With Strangers: Music Lessons From a Teenage Bullet Belt: By Butch Walker; Love Goes to Buildings on Fire: Five Years in New York That Changed Music Forever: By Will Hermes; No Regrets: By Ace Frehley; Seven Deadly Sins by Corey Taylor; Stuart Adamson: In a Big Country

DVD Reviews:  Big Love; Ray Charles; Peter Gabriel; God Bless Ozzy Osbourne; The Teacher 

Gearing Up: 2011 Gibson Firebird Studio Non-Reverse; 2001 Epiphone Limited Edition 50th Anniversary 1961 SG Special

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When the first creepy, obnoxious, and slightly embarrassing chords of “While You Were Bathing” slithered out of my speakers,..
The first things you notice on Fool’s Fantasy, the new release from Chicago’s Martha Berner and the Significant
It’s virtually impossible to find a single thing wrong with the seventh effort from rock duo The Black Keys.
Awakening is Blessthefall’s third album. Yes, the band released an album entitled Witness in 2009.
My, my what The Cramps have started. In the 30-plus years since Lux Interior and his crew combined horror-show themes...
Though the title track is clearly the highlight of Which Side Are You On? The 12–track album is filled with a nice diverse collection of songs that resonate.
Atmospheric and earthy, Hexagons is nothing less than an experience.
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds is a very mature record....
Larkin Grimm's estimable background isn't limited to hipster darlings Dirty Projectors.
Funny that you have to go to Brooklyn to find one of the best Americana bands playing today.
Upon completing the recording of his 13 release, Reverie, indie multi-tasker Joe Henry described the album as....
If ever there were a band fit to be added to the Twilight movie soundtracks it was the moody, atmospheric Hurricane Bells.
With their third release in as many years, the Stacy Jones Band sounds more confident, ballsier and sounding like they are having one hell of a good time recording No Need to Spell It Out.
Hot on the heels of her 2010 release Catching a Tiger, this blonde bombshell singer guitarist releases a five-song EP...
Nils Lofgren begin his career as a rock 'n' roll boy genius working with the likes of Neil Young...
I’m still getting used to Nick Lowe as a balladeer. Don’t get me wrong, he’s one of my favorite singer songwriters but...
It's safe to say the last few years for Metallica fans have been a letdown....
With Imaginaerum, Nightwish have done the impossible by creating a symphonic metal record that remains enjoyable until the last note.
Chubby has been at the forefront of the blues rock genre for some time and is out to kick the blues in the ass on this new disc, the twentieth of his career....
From beginning to end, each song on Nest builds relationships....

Book Reviews Minimize
Don’t feel too bad if you’ve never heard of Butch Walker. ...
Not since Legs McNeil tackled punk rock in the brilliant “Please Kill Me” more than a decade ago has music journalism been given this appealing a storyteller.
Ace Frehley is a talented man, a lucky man and, to be honest, pretty transparent.
In the 4th Century, they originated. By the sixth they were given authority. Dante made them famous. In the 21st century, he tries to make sense of them.
“Where were you when my ship went down? Where were you when I ran aground? Where were you when I turned it around? Where were you when they burned me down?”

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