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Issue 66 Cover - June, 2012 - Innocent Words
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Since he picked up a bass in the early 1970s, Mike Watt has been consumed with satisfying his hunger for creating art.
I should have known better.
It’s a little misleading to say John Prine saved Cory Branan from a life of bad death metal bands… but it’s not exactly wrong either.
Sometimes those drunken bar conversations can actually lead to something good.
Imperial Teen Returns with Feel the Sound
Fierce, foxy, and fabulous, if Mae West were around today, she’d definitely be a fan of The Juliettes.
The San Luis Obispo three-piece now plays a fantastic brand of roots-based punk rock, a nice mix of Springsteen and Hot Water Music.
If frontman Brandon Gepfer gets his way, you may even see a flaming guitar. No promises though; we’re still in a shitty economy.

Once More With Feeling Minimize
Blue Oyster Cult has been called the thinking man's heavy metal group..
Hip-O Records has artistically repackaged the album with the original live CD plus a DVD of the 2011 concert tour
When bad songs happen to good people.
Punk legend retrospective

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The real life renaissance-era Borgia family was so ripe for scandalous story lines they justified two separate competing TV dramas.
Did I mention that the concert featured the band playing their 1988 debut Bug in its entirety?
Who would have imagined that a drama set in a medieval fantasy world would have any appeal beyond the “Lord of the Rings”
The VH1 Classic RockDoc comes to DVD
I’m not certain what it is that makes John Lydon so pissed off at the world...
Those goofballs in Sloan invited a friend to document their 2004 U.S. tour in support of their great album Action Pact.
The Talking Heads’ DVD, “Chronology”, is exactly that- a recorded history of the band.
Legendary L.A. punk band on DVD

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Motorhead and Fastway Guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke got his first guitar at the age of 15.
The 1963 Spring Reverb amplifier from Fender is and always will be a classic

Table of Contents

Innocent Words Issue #66 June 2012


Cover Story - Real Econo … A Conversation with Mike Watt
Cheap Girls - Staying Busy With Giant Orange
Cory Branan – Putting One Foot In Front of the Other With Mutt
Imperial Teen - Growing Up And Returning with Feel the Sound
The Juliettes - Melt Your Face With ‘Clutch the Pearls’
The Mighty Fine - You Haven’t Heard the Half of Revitalization
Placeholder -Finding the Sweet Spot With Nothing Is Pure


IW10 - A Decade of Innocent Words Part 5: The Spitting Incident of 2002


Blue Oyster Cult; Elvis Costello & the Imposters; Donovan; fIREHOSE.


Abandon Jalopy; Black Oxygen; Blackout Dates; Blower; Redd Foxx; Nanci Griffith; Penelope Houston; The Juliettes; Meat Loaf; Willie Nelson; New Riders of the Purple Sage; Our Lady Peace; Archie Powell & The Exports; Rachel Sage; Sharks; Solander; Spielgusher; UFO; Violens; Wrinkle Neck Mules.


Butterfly in the Typewriter By Cory Maclauchlin; On and Off Bass By Mike Watt; Tough Shit By Kevin Smith.


Borgia Faith and Fear; Dinosaur Jr.; Game of Thrones; Metal Evolution; Public Image Limited; Sloan; Talking Heads; X.


Feature: My First Guitar by Fast Eddie Clarke; Review: Boss FRV-1 '63 Fender Reverb

Album Reviews Minimize
Former Blind Melon member returns with new solo album.
If you’re into guitar solos, here are two words you need to become very familiar with – Black Oxygen.
There’s a lot going on with Beverly … a lot of good things …
Sounds good, right?! That isn’t even the half of it.
The comic genius of legendary Redd Foxx.
Nearly 35 years into her career, you know what to expect when you put on a Nanci Griffith record.
From the first song, Penelope Houston’s On Market Street clearly defines its delivery.
The Juliettes are comprised of four womenwho could easily kick the ass of any rockers half their age right now…I am talking musically and physically.
This is probably the blandest album I have ever heard.
It’s been awhile since Willie’s put out an album free of themes...
New Riders of the Purple Sage return after 20 years.
When Our Lady Peace front man Raine Madia said the band’s new album was “more experimental and ambitious," he wasn’t joking.
If Cheap Trick ever think of calling it a day, Archie Powell & the Exports are perfectly suited to take their place
Rachael Sage’s latest release - Haunted by You is impossible not to hear the echoes of Tori Amos and Jewel
No Gods may technically be a debut, but by no means are Sharks newcomers,
Passing Mt. Satu plays a bit like something out of a Michel Gondry film.
Never before released album featuring Mike Watt.
Long before the release of this, their 20 studio album, UFO had cemented their place in hard rock history.
The New York trio Violens continues their schizophrenic blend of genres
Five-piece alt country masterminds, Wrinkle Neck Mules

Book Reviews Minimize
There is something satisfyingly appropriate about a biography which focuses on Pulitzer Prize winning novelist John Kennedy Toole
Mike Watt is a true renaissance man. A So-Cal punk rock pioneer..
With “Tough Shit: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good,” his latest self-confessional memoir, director Kevin Smith proves that absolutely nothing is off limits

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