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Issue 61 Cover - November, 2011 - Innocent Words
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Belladonna is considered to be one of the preeminent metal vocalists and part of the classic line-up of Anthrax
Against Me! vs. Major Label equals Treble Music
Attonito spoke recently about the decision to finally make this record and future plans for the Bouncing Souls.
Gold Parts has Bautista opening up about such heady topics as finding yourself in a sea of doubt, to the struggles of becoming an adult, to learning patience.
Proper, aptly enough, will mark his first proper release. The Chicago musician is about to spend the fall touring the UK with Koji then hit the U.S. with Frank Turner and Andrew Jackson Jihad.
Maybe the Pack A.D. were overlooked because they are on a small Canadian label or maybe because they are, well, from Canada. But the Pack A.D. is a force of its own
Singer Jason Beebout spoke recently about being a punk rocker and family guy, playing Fest without a bassist and what life was like on a major label in the 90’s.
Everyone has heard that old saying “everything is bigger in Texas.” Well, that’s not necessarily the case when talking about the diminutive 5’2” front woman of the indie rock outfit Ume.

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From the sounds of their self-titled debut in 1995, it was clear Ben Folds Five was going to be more than a flash in the pan ...
Bootleg Volume 3 features 50 tracks (39 of them previously unreleased) of live and unreleased material spanning from 1956-1979
With its driving opening bass line and screeching guitar solo “Peace Sells” stuck in your head every time you heard it.
Listening to Pink Floyd’s three decade spanning, 14 album catalog, a couple things are clear...
Rainbow ‘s Live in Germany 1976 is a double album, upon first listen, seems a bit gratuitous.
This band should have been huge.
Status Quo has consistently been recording and releasing material for nearly 50 years!
Singers come and go faster than a blink of an eyeLet’s hop the best for Joss Stone because she has the voice that could very well be timeless.
Throwing Muses, along with 4AD Records are reliving the good times and great music with a spectacular double disc (with book) deluxe Anthology,
Not only are there five studio albums (Phenomenon, Force It, No Heavy Petting, Lights Out, and Obsession) represented here in their entirety and with bonus tracks …

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This is the last filmed performance (and possibly the last recording) of the late, great Gary Moore. Captured at the famed Montreux Jazz Festival in July 2010, the concert showcases Moore at his best. The Irishman holds fast to ...
You can see what the creators of “Running Wilde” were going for. Put together by Mitch Hurwitz, the brains behind the beloved (though clearly by not by enough people) ...
Fans of TV sci-fi series are a tough bunch: if they don’t like your show you know about quickly through online rants and snarky tweets. But if they ...

Table of Contents

Issue 61 / November 2011
Features: Anthrax, Against Me!, Greg Attonito, Cristina Bauista, Into It, Over It, The Pack A.D., SamIam, UME
Album Reviews: Anthrax, Anvil, The Bangles, Camille Bloom and the Recovery, Ry Cooder, Alice Cooper, Jonathan Coulton, Cymbals Eat Guitars, John Doe, Shelby Earl, Emperor X, Every Avenue, Extra Arms, Fountains of Wayne, The Gift, Daniel Goodman, The Green Pajamas, The Handcuffs, Jack Irons, Man Made Machine, The Pack A,D., Paladino, River Rouge, Roxette, Saves The Day, Michael Schenker, Tommy Stinson, The Summer Set, There For Tomorrow, Witches, Various Artists
Book Reviews: Aerosmith: The Ultimate Illustrated History of the Boston Bad Boys, Along the Cherry Lane: Tales from the Life of Music Industry Legend Milton Okun, Experienced - Rock Music Tales of Fact & Fiction, The Leftovers, Pearl Jam Twenty
DVD Reviews: Gary Moore - Live at Montreux, Running Wilde - Season One, Sanctuary - The Complete Third Season
Rereleases: Ben Folds, Johnny Cash, Megadeth, Pink Floyd, Rockpile, Status Quo, Joss Stone, Throwing Muses, UFO

Album Reviews Minimize
After eight long years, Anthrax is back
I feel sorry for Anvil, I really was pulling for those guys.
This is a welcome addition to their discography and a very enjoyable listenl
One woman army Camille Bloom is once again set to take on the world with her fourth full release Never Out of Time.
Ry Cooder is mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.
Welcome 2 My Nightmare is the follow up … and it is sensational.
Artificial Heart is the first album of new material from Jonathan Coulton since 2006.
Staten Islanders Cymbals Eat Guitars are back with a sophomore release after early indie acclaim
Doe has crafted an engaging album which draws you in.
You really have to respect a musician who would quit their secure, corporate music job which brought in a nice paycheck in favor of going do-it-yourself singer-songwriter all for their own music.
On Western Teleport, his third full length, Emperor X continues the satisfyingly minimalist, indie rock vibe
Let’s face it; Every Avenue’s songwriting has never really been their strong suit.
It’s evident that Extra Arms takes their music with an extra dose of ostentation
About every three or four years I’ve come to count on a new Fountains of Wayne album.
When you hear the opening notes of “Let It Be by Me,” the first track off of The Gift’s newest album, you might be surprised
There’s nothing like a folk record in the fall.
The Green Pajamas are probably the most famous band you’ve never heard of.
As a long-time fan of the Chicago-0based band The Handcuffs, I was salivating at their third release Waiting for the Robot.
Blue Manatee finds the drummer continuing to explore new sounds and mixing them like Picasso on the drum kit.
Along the same lines as Burn Halo, both in sound and execution (there’s a smattering of Papa Roach and Rev Theory here too),
The Pack A.D. is what The Black Keys might sound like if they were female, and WAY more badass.
LA’s Paladino is the latest band to add a little punk swagger to their country/bluegrass mix.
There are hints of the White Stripes, modern rock, modern country and strong undertones of bluegrass
Charm School is the eighth studio album from the Swedish pop duo of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessel - better known as Roxette.
The New Jersey pop punk/emo group is still at it.
Schenker’s still got it! With Temple Rock, his first solo album since 2003
There’s a lot going on here. The Ex-Replacements, Soul Asylum, Guns N’Roses bassist has crafted a pretty interesting album
With Everything’s Fine, the Summer Set has effectively toned down the pre-pubescent snarkiness and shown they have the ability grow.
It seems rather appropriate that the poppy (I refuse to call them pop punk) band There For Tomorrow hail from Orlando.
There is a good marriage of sound to lyrics on this album. Nothing is too extreme that the meanings behind the different songs get lost....
This is a collection of songs culled from dusted-off journals written by the legend himself.

Book Reviews Minimize
This book could have easily been called “The Rise and fall and Rise and Fall Again of Aerosmith,” or even “Tight Pants and Male Camel Toes,”
Milton Okun is not a household name, but his music is recognized internationally.
The concept behind “Experienced - Rock Music Tales of Fact & Fiction” is pretty damn compelling
It’s been said before, but needs to be said again: Tom Perrotta knows suburbia.
The hardcover book is 384 pages of everything you ever wanted to know or see about the band. To put it simply "Pearl Jam Twenty" is the bible for their fans.

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