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Issue 52 Cover - February, 2011 - Innocent Words
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Live on Ten Legs – which comes in a a deluxe version includes a CD, double LP package, four mini poster reprints, five live photos and a tour laminate – captures the powerful experience of a live Pearl Jam show.
Guitarist Tom Gabel spoke recently with Innocent Words about the recent changes that the band has endured and what’s on the horizon for Against Me!
It’s a pretty big leap to go from the homo-erotic punk rock of Turbonegro to Brian Wilson-worthy melodies and jangly power pop guitars, but somehow Tomas Dahl managed to make the jump flawlessly.
All Hendrix’s salad days and his rise to stardom are captured in Song Legacy’s 4-CD, 1-DVD, 68-song (the lion’s share of which are outakes, unreleased alternate and live versions of songs) box set West Coast Seattle Boy: The Jimi Hendrix Anthology.
Barbara Ireland is an artist in every sense of the word. She develops and directs short films, she plays bass, drums, piano, concert harp and she can sing. Oh, boy, can she ever sing.
Seeing Muse live should be on everybody's bucket list - if only just for the sheer thrill of the experience.
Know Your Saints plays punk rock with no agenda of fitting into a specific camp, drawing just as much from The Clash as they do from a band like The Thermals.
Franz Nicolay – quite possibly the busiest musician working today – is no stranger to genre hopping. Since he left The Hold Steady early this year, he’s put out a 7-inch with World/Inferno Friendship Society, a second solo record (Luck and Courage), produced an album for the Debutante Hour and joined Against Me! as a touring musician.
The band had pretty much packed it in after a rough tour of Europe. For nearly a year, the band didn’t exist. Then singer/guitarist Joe McMahon and guitarist Jeremy Cochran started writing again, with no idea where the songs would show up.
Tiny Engines Records is proof that while the major labels are imploding into a rubble of crappy paint-by-number bands and bloated expense accounts, small indies across the country are thriving (well, at least surviving), thanks to original music and label heads who – get this – actually enjoy music.

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Their time together was somewhat short-lived, Heaven and Hell aka Black Sabbath less-Ozzy Osbourne and plus Ronnie James Dio (drummer Bill Ward was also replaced with Vinny Appice), but the band definitely left an indelible mark on the annals of music history.
Let me state up front that this review is not meant to be ironic in anyway and, while sarcasm is the major form of communication for anyone between 12 and 25, I'm in my late 30's so am (almost) capable of going more than 15 minutes without a single snarky retort.

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The first 45 minutes of this hour-long DVD – “David Bowie Rare and Unseen” are pretty damn interesting. The producers have intercut a long-believed lost interview from 1976 with one from 1999.
To commemorate what would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday there was a abundant amount of re-releases including updated versions of his solo records and box sets. Among the barrage of remembrances to honor the former Beatle is the little-talked about documentary “LENNONYC.”
The world’s greatest death metal band has just released their third season on DVD (pointing out that they are just a cartoon band is a bit redundant though because, hey, aren’t all bands in the genre?).
If rock ‘n’ roll had a periodic chart of elements, you’d surely find Guns ‘n Roses and Stone Temple Pilots on it. The symbol for Slash would likely be a top hat. Just as combining hydrogen and oxygen makes water, combining Guns n’ Roses and STP makes Velvet Revolver in the “Supergroup” column.
Whereas early rock ‘n’ roll was on its way to being pigeonholed as a fad, Wilson, along with Lennon/McCartney, kicked down the doors of preconception and ensured that the genre was here to stay.

Table of Contents

Issue 52/ February 2011
Features:Pearl Jam, Against Me!, Caddy, Jimi Hendrix, Barbara Ireland, Know Your Saints, Muse, Franz Nicolay, Smoke or Fire, Tiny Engines Records.
Album Reviews: Aloud, Bastards of Melody, Amy Besartunea, Jesse Brewster, Brute Force, The Dreadnoughts, T Model Ford, Duran Duran, Mike Gordon, Tom Howie, Ingram Hill, Jane Lui, Jakob Martin, Massy Ferguson, Minnesota Beatle Project, Messenger, Mojo Monkey, Shawn Mullins, Paper Aeroplanes, Sleeping in the Aviary, Solar Temple Suicides, Solvents, Tina Sparkle, Watts, Inna Zhelannaya.

Book Reviews: Todd Rundgren, ACDC, Danny Boyle, Brad Klausen, Psychadelic Folk, Baba Booey, The Business of Celebrity, The War for Late Night.
DVD Reviews: David Bowie, LennoNYC, Metalocalypse, Velvet Revolver, Brian Wilson.

Rereleases: Heaven and Hell, Poison.

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Having shed two members since their last release, Boston indie band Aloud is down to a duo, but don’t assume that means a sparse sound...far from it.
The band’s fourth effort builds on the brilliant foundation created decade ago by everyone from Cheap Trick and Superdrag to Material Issue and even the Smoking Popes.
Not an album of working class dirges, Restaurants and Bars is simply crafted (and elegantly produced) with classic folk three-cord structure of pretty songs.
Brewster’s second full-length disc shows a songwriter who is perfecting his craft and a romantic soul who isn’t afraid to show it.
While the album is certainly interesting, it’s hard to fathom who exactly was demanding this record get another shot.
The Dreadnoughts may just be the best gypsy punk band since Gogol Bordello.
Duran Duran purists of the world rejoice!
The nine-track album is classic Ford with its raw feel of a night at the juke joint.
A wonderful jam-band mix of jazz and funk, Gordon creates quirky, catchy soundscapes on this suite of tunes.
Dreamy and wistful vocals blending with smooth acoustic guitar creates a flawless ambiance with which he envelops his listeners.
Everything about Ingram Hill’s Look Your Best should appeal to someone; the sound is indiscriminate of genre preference.

It’s hard to label Jane Lui’s style since the only commonality between each track is her smooth and often sultry singing
If you’re looking for a cut and dried, unoriginal replica of Jason Mraz, Marc Broussard, or Gavin DeGraw, then look no further: Jakob Martin is your man.

Seattle’s Massy Ferguson may not be the next E Street Band, but they are surely disciples of the Boss and his working class anthems filled with local color, soaring dynamics, and sweaty bravado.
Anthems is an alright jumping off point for the group, a foundation that can probably be built upon in order to create something better down the road.
Band members describe the Mojo Monkeys project as a “labor of love,” and should qualify that as a ”love of the groove,” as Blessings and Curses shows so well.
Light You Up features 11 new songs that are expertly crafted and the art of a true modern day troubadour.
The Day We Ran Into the Sea is timeless, with a Cranberries-meets-Sundays sound in every mandolin flicker, acoustic guitar pick and sweet flowing melody.
By the end of the album, it seems as if we have spent an hour touring an underground system of caves listening to a constant, repetitive echo of the same sounds.

Much like the belief in the human transition to the spiritual realm of the cult from which the band gets its name, Solar Temple Suicides creates music that is uniquely evolved and transformative.
The Solvents’ fourth effort is a daring mix of completely different musical styles all artfully crafted in only eight tracks.
Welcome To the No Fun House is an ambitious potpourri of straightforward, no-frills songs.

For any fan of '70s AM radio, On the Dial will greet you like an old friend.
Inna Zhelannaya’s Cocoon shares Russian folk songs and using her words to tell the old stories of her people in a new and progressive voice.
The Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 2 is a collection of musicians coming together donating their time and talents to help fund music and art education programs and put instruments and tools in the hands of young artistsand musicians across the state.

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Paul Myers’ “A Wizard, A True Star: Todd Rundgren in the Studio” does what few biographies can: rather than tell a story, it paints a detailed and colorful history. His recollection of Todd Rungren’s career goes beyond a retrospective episode of “biography” or “behind the music” by painting the picture of a musical figure who is not defined merely as a man, but as an artist.
For those about to rock… might want to pick up this bio/coffee table book on AC/DC.
Danny Boyle is one of our generation's most prolific filmmakers, having achieved cult status after the release of indie favourite “Shallow Grave” and the brilliant “Trainspotting.” However, it was not until “Slumdog Millionaire” became a surprise overnight hit and favourite of critics and audiences alike that Boyle became a household name.
Talented artist Brad Klausen struck gold in 1999 when he packed up from his Southern California roots to go north to Seattle where he became the in house graphic designer for the legendary Pearl Jam.
Ok, here we go, and firstly, it does not seem fair to review a 337 page tome with just a paragraph or two, but we will try.
Prior to “Starstruck: The Business of Celebrity,” I think it’s safe to assume there had never been so much in depth research put into why Paris Hilton managed to become frighteningly famous when Tara Reed didn’t.
Dell’Abate is Howard Stern’s Executive Producer and has been controlling the behind the scenes happenings for nearly 30 years.
After reading Bill Carter’s “The War for Late Night,” I’m convinced that television network executives are the spawn of Satan. We all know that Conan O’Brien was screwed out of being host of “The Tonight Show,” however most of us didn’t know how badly it all went down and how terribly O’Brien was treated by NBC in the situation.

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