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So the ’70s finally made it up to Toronto.
Sometimes it’s our own limitations that help us grow, rather than hold us back.
Beautiful and brutally honest
The renewed vim and vigor is evident from the outset of Circles Around the Sun, a record that marks Dispatch’s return to the realm of full lengths.
This LP features more melodic instrumental breaks with clean guitars and driving medium beat tempos
With the release of his third album Detonation, veteran New York guitarist Dave Fields is set to launch his career in the realm of other blues rock luminaries
Isn’t it cool that sometimes you can just hear a song and the feel the nostalgia
Guitar legend puts out one of the best albums of 2012
The Bangles front woman releases solo album of pop gems
The latest full-length from The Kicks is unabashed melodic rock just begging for a stadium.
Fear not, guitar aficionados, there is a new gunslinger in town
With the good...comes the bad...
Have you ever wondered how Bjork and Ace of Base would sound if they had a musical child during the ’80s?
Limited edition EP to hold fans over until new full length
It’s hard to believe Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band have been at it for eight albums now...
British blues guitar man Ian Siegal returns
Blues, rock ’n’ soul
Whiskeytown, Old 97’s, Son Volt, have you met Trapper Schoepp & the Shades yet?
The Bloom and the Blight delivers a one-dimensional snapshot of Two Gallants’
Seattle rocker marry sludge rock with space rock on new album
Seattle songstress releases her best album to date
Respected actress releases debut album
The real DIY deal

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After an eight-year hiatus Bailterspace is back with their first album of new material since 1999’s Solar.3.
Popper and the boys are back and better than ever.
All’s tasty and alive with garage groove on the latest from Cincinnati’s Buffalo Killers.
In the 11 tracks on this disc, EDH manages to create a unique intimacy
It’s taken a few years, but I am finally able to accept that “World Punk” is a legitimate genre.
The first thing that hits you is that Ms. Hoop is a serious artist in a deep exploratory artist phase
Strings of My Soul is a collection of guitar instrumentals filled with atmospheric echoes, soaring melodies and a few fret-burning solos
Never begins with all the subtlety of a jackhammer outside of your bedroom window at 4a.m.
Seattle has certainly quieted down a bit since the kids traded in their Doc Martens
Silver Age harkens back to an emotional energy last realized in 1992 when Mould’s Sugar put out Copper Blue.
Many people fear change. Lucky for the adventurous listener, Ombre don’t fall in that camp.
The first studio album from Redd Kross since 1997
Life has come full circle for Mike Mattison
The Shoes with brand new album
Dave Stewart knows how to make records. He also knows how to create tracks that women can rock the shite out of.
Did Swans The Seer really take three decades to make?

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