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 Over the 10 years we have met a lot of great people in the music industry, who have sang praises for Innocent Words Magazine and we can’t thank them enough.

Here are some beautiful comments from music industry types and friends who we have worked with over the years. Thank you all.

“Happy birthday to you Innocent Words! So glad you are in the world supporting music the great way you do!"
~ Carrie M. Akre (Hammerbox, Goodness, Rockfords)

"Innocent Words Magazine publishes not only thoughtful music reviews and interviews, but keeps mindfulness at the forefront with a commitment to authenticity, integrity and social activism."
~ Anomie Belle (singer/songwriter)

“I know first-hand how much work goes into a music magazine. It is first and foremost a labor of love and a mission to turn people on to music they wouldn't hear about otherwise. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary, Troy. Your interviews, your compilation CDs and your hard work have not gone unnoticed. Here's to the next 10.”
~ Carla Black (publisher/editor MEOW and RockGRRL)

"In celebration of your 10 year anniversary I've decided to make some competition. Please visit my site at Happy Anniversary!”
~ Davey Brozowski (The Catheters, Broken Bells, Black Whales)

"The Bruises love Innocent Words Magazine!  Happy 10 Year Anniversary, and thanks for all the support through the years!  Here's to 10 more years!"
Jen Black & Aja Blue (The Bruises)

"Congratulations to Innocent Words for consistently putting out a top-notch music journalism magazine for a full decade, which is no small feat, and they are still rolling! When it comes to providing intelligent, comprehensive coverage of what's happening, now, in music, no one kicks more ass than Innocent Words!"
~ Kurt Danielson (Tad)

“From all of us at Engineer Records, we'd like to tip the old hat to a decade of delivering the goods.  Having been around a decade ourselves, it's important to recognize those who have navigated their course through the physical into the digital age.  Innocent Words do-it-yourself aspects of the early print versions may be under appreciated now, yet we believe they have given your legs worth standing on for the foundation of your digital issues.  IW web is neat, clean, and respectable and props to you deciding against closing-up-shop completely, as some other zines we've been fond of have.  Cheers from us, and to your passion for keeping the content flowing weekly.”
  -Engineer Records

“Congratulations to Troy and all at Innocent Words on TEN YEARS of highlighting the goods. The world would be a fiery ball of poo without you.”
~ Rachel Flotard (Visbqueen, Local 638 Records)

“Congratulations! Thank you for giving Red Boot’s artists so much love and support. Here’s to another 10 years of brilliantly showing the music world that “innocent” words are honest, open-minded, respectful and undeniably valuable.”
Laura Goldfarb (Red Boot Publicity)

"Big, fat oh-so-happy Ten-O!!! Congratulations and thank you for being here. We're all glad that you are."
~ Kristin Hersh (THrowing Muses, 50 Foot Wave))

"In my 13 years of being a publicist (first with Hopper PR, then Sub Pop, and now at Riot Act), Troy has been a constant. He and Innocent Words have always been so fantastic to work with: so supportive, so enthusiastic, so kind, and always open to listening to new things. I'm such a fan! Thank you for everything, Innocent Words! Here's to another 10!"
~ Joan Hiller (Riot ActMedia)

“Here's to 10 years! I raise a frosty Shiner in your honor. And here's to 10 more!”
~ Vaden Todd Lewis (The Toadies)

"Here's to Innocent Words Magazine, Happy 10 year birthday, guess you guys aren't so "innocent" anymore. Here’s to a fabulous 10 more! Thanks for all you do for indie rock!
~ Lynda Mandolyn (Sorryeverafter and Sassy!!)

"Happy Birthday Innocent Words Alas if there were more of such to offset the grey. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. As a musician and producer I always hold my breath when it comes to press/blog. The amount of emperor's new clothes - self-serving writing out there. Wow!! YOU on the other hand are helping to grow the scene and I thank you for all your hard work. Keep on keepin' on! Edification "
~ Thomas McKay (Joydrop, record producer)

"Happy 10th aniversary to Innocent Words!!! May the groove be with you for another 10 years!!"
 dUg Pinnick (King's X)

“Congratulations it's been an honor working side-by-side with you and Innocent Words,”
~ Louis Posen (Hopeless/Sun City Records)

Congratulations to Innocent Words for 10 years of beautiful  coverage of indie music. We've seen you grow and change without losing an ounce of your integrity and vision, and you're still going strong. “
~ Louise Post (Veruca Salt

"Happy Tenth Anniversary, Troy and Innocent Words Magazine! A grateful music community salutes you."
~ Mark Rubel (Pogo Recording Studios)

“Innocent Words isn’t the little engine that could. It’s the one that DOES!”
Amy Sciarretto (Roadrunner Records)

“Congratulations on 10 years of being one of the best music zines out there. We always enjoy your thorough and insightful reviews.”
-Neil Sabatino | (Fairmont & Mint 400 Records)

Happy Anniversary to an amazing music magazine that actually covers music and supports bands! Innocent Words caught us on our first tour in Champaign, IL. Thanks for believing in us when no one knew who we were and thanks for always being excited about talking guitars!
~ Lauren Larson (UME)

“Congrats Troy and Innocent Words on 10 years.  Happy Birthday and thank you!!" 
~ Maggie Vail (Cash Music)

“Congratulations on 10 years of Innocent (and independent) Words!”
Rick Valentin and Rose Marshack (Poster Children)

“Innocent Words is an excellent and honest magazine I have been fortunate enough to work with since the very start of my career. I wish them continued success and growth throughout the years… Here's to 10 more and beyond!"
- Clint Weiler | MVD Entertainment Group



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